Free Trade Zone (Free Economic Zone) is a specially designated area, which has its own rules and regulations different from those of mainland, while following the UAE Federal Law. Free zones give the opportunity to set up business on its territory and to enjoy the benefits of such incorporation. Onshore companies in Free Trade Zones are the best solution for those seeking to expand their business and have direct access to UAE market. Tax-free structure and a variety of office facilities indeed make the free zone company the best choice to expand your business.

Onshore companies can be registered as a branch, subsidiary or a separate legal entity. The structure of the company depends on the number of investors:

  • A single owned company will make it a FZE (Free Zone Establishment)
  • A company owned by multiple shareholders will become a FZC (Free Zone Company)

Variety of license choice provides the possibility to adjust to any of your needs and requirement.

The main advantages of owning an onshore company are:

  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed
  • Corporate shareholding is allowed
  • 100% tax exemption
  • UAE residence visa is available
  • Bank account opening
  • Big choice of office facilities
  • Cheap labor force is available


Time frame for incorporation starts from 2-3 days.

Our consultants will help you to identify the correct Free Zone that corresponds your needs, to establish and maintain your company’s operations, open a bank account and help with issuing the residents visas for you and your family.