You can set up the companies of the following types within DED:

  • New Company – owned by single or multiple individual shareholders.
  • Branch – of an existing UAE-based or international company.
  • Subsidiary – owned by single or multiple corporate shareholders.


LLC  is the dully formed on the mainland of the UAE and fully provides the access to inner market of the UAE. The possibility to work and trade with other companies in UAE gives  LLC the advantage above all the other company types.


The pattern of forming an LLC is the following:

  • 51 % of shares will be allocates to a Local sponsor or an Agent
  • 49 % of shares are allocated to foreign investor(s)


The are are different types of licenses available, all depend on the business activity of proposed company: 

  • Industrial
  • Commercial 
  • Professional

Benefits of LLC:

  • The most effective method to establish a company with immediate access to UAE market
  • No minimum share capital shuild be paid
  • Easy to open a bank account in most of the banks in UAE
  • No interventions from the Local sponsor, Company is fully managed by its director/manager
  • Opportunity to obtain residence visas for investors and his/her family as well

Our consultants will explain you all the process of incorporation, and will lead you through all the steps of the set up. We will give you a professional advice in the choice of license, office space, and documents preparation.